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          About iTest

          Established in 2018, iTest Semiconductor Technology (China) Co., Ltd. is formed by a team of technical elites who have worked in world-class semiconductor companies for more than 15 years, and is determined to operate semiconductor chip testing with the highest technical standards and quality systems in the industry.

          We focus on the development of test plan solutions, development of test software platforms, testing services for wafer and final test mass production, packaging and testing supply chain outsourcing management, and smart factory building, to provide design companies professional, worry-free, timely, high-quality and cost-effective testing and services.

          To enable domestic chips to use world-class testing services and enhance the quality level and competitiveness, iTest is willing to contribute to the development of China's semiconductor technology.

          • Test Develop project 30qty /year

          • Wafer test capacity200K pcs/year

          • Final test capacity300KK ea/year

          • Intellectual Property 10qty/year

          Enterprise Culture


          To be a world-leading technology and service semiconductor company

          Core Value 

          Innovation   Excellence   Share   Pragmatic

          Quality Policy

          Customer Satisfaction    Quality first     Total Involvement     

          Continuous Improvement

          Environmental Protection Policy

          Safety    Compliance    Environmental Protection     Sustainability





          Address:Building 1, No.158 South Ji’An Road, Yangzhou
          Hi-Tech District, Jiangsu Province, China